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What is Floating?

Flotation therapy, also known as weightless floating, is a relaxation therapy you truly need to experience to understand how it can enhance your life. By entering one of our luxurious float pods, your brain escapes the constant need to process light, sound, gravity, or even moderate your body temperature. For one hour your body is weightless, indulging in the benefits of anti-gravity, floating in water with over 800 lbs. of Epsom Salt dissolved into it. The combination of darkness, silence, body temperature and weightlessness creates the perfect environment for restoration and rejuvenation. Through this practice, you can expect a variety of benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Flotation Therapy


Inside the tank, amplified circulation throughout your body leads to muscle relaxation and an overall reduction in natural cortisol production. You’ll discover increased visual acuity and other amplified senses due to the reduction in inbound information, by shutting out the world and quieting the mind.


Only 25% of Canadian's get the recommended amount of magnesium. A session in the float tank will correct that due to the high concentration of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) inside each of our units. This is great news as magnesium can regulate blood pressure, assist in detox and assists in prevention of other common cardiovascular diseases.


Due to the magnesium presence, and anti-gravity affects, guests have reported significant improvements in their experience of pain with ailments such as tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and general soreness.


Over stimulation is considered the norm in the western world. Yet monks dedicate their lives seeking stillness and control. “A person’s greatest problems come from their inability to be still with themselves.”

Inside the tank you will have the opportunity to be completely undistracted, alone with your thoughts.  A very lucid, powerful, and connected experience!


Regular floating and other mindfulness practices can alter points in the endocrine homeostatic mechanism which can cause adjustments such as lower adrenal activation threshold. Simplified, this means you train your body and biochemistry to be more resistant to releasing stress hormones, which will help overall with the adaptation to the stresses we are exposed to.

What to Expect:

At Rejuve.Nation we do our best to anticipate your needs. Upon arrival guests will be checked in, sign a waiver, debriefed about the float session, and given a tour of the Float facility. Following the tour guests will be escorted to the Float lounge, where you can sip on a beverage and leave your worries at the door as you prepare for you floating experience. Everyone is required to shower both prior to and after the Flotation session. Guests are provided natural products shampoo/ conditioner, body wash, and moisturizers. After your post Float shower, you are invited to our beauty room with a place to dry your hair, and freshen up before returning back to your day.

Tips and Recommendations

  • To ensure you have time to fully relax and enjoy amenities please arrive 20 minutes before scheduled appointment.
  • In preparation, your flotation pod begins filling 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session.
  • We recommend guests avoid consuming large meals/caffeine 2-4 hours before your relaxation session
  • Please wait 48 hours after hair color treatments or spray tanning to book a session
  • For maximum comfort please avoid shaving or waxing 24 hours prior to your rest (We provide Vaseline for small cuts or scratches to prevent stinging).
  • For further enhancement we highly recommend pairing a private yoga practice, or some light stretching prior to or following your REST treatment for an even deeper experience

Why Rest?

This unique setting is an exceptional way to reboot our bodies most vital system, the nervous system. Our nervous system is a delicate and essential part of the human experience. When overwhelmed by extraneous stimulus our bodies and minds become less effective. Think of when your computer has too many programs running. With too much to do and not enough processing power it performs below peak efficiency. Often the only choice we have is to completely restart the system. Our hope is that when visiting Rejuve.Nation Float, you will have the opportunity to experience this for yourself! The additional benefits from floating are vast, varied, and powerful. Take time to unplug from today’s overstimulated society and instead Enter Into Rest.