Chiropractic in the Workplace

Let’s start with the facts. Each year:

– 40% of the population are affected by back pain (16 million)
– 2.5 million people have back pain every day of the year
– 60% of the general population have headaches
– 1.2 million people are affected by musculoskeletal pain and 500,000 by work-related stress, and
– 119 million work days are lost annually.

This causes an overall burden to industry of approximately 10.4 billion dollars.

Average absence due to sickness in a company of 3000 is 150 employees (5% of the workforce) each year, which equates to approximately two working weeks at a cost of $207.00 per day. Of the total days lost, 30% is due to musculoskeletal problems and 60% of these are back and neck related. To put it another way, at any given time, 1.5% of the workforce will be off work due to a musculoskeletal problem and 1% of those are due to back and neck related injuries only.

Without treatment, people with severe low back pain may have to leave their jobs. Even with milder symptoms, they may be in constant pain or have to take many days off every year — or work inefficiently. Not providing an adequate service for the workforce may prove false economy.

Introducing chiropractic education in your company will have positive outcomes. Your employees will view your company as taking an active role in their health and well being. This in turn results in more educated, healthier, and productive staff. Your employees will become better educated about specific health issues and receive tips on preventing and helping back and neck injuries.

At King’s Town Chiropractic, we have developed an outreach program to help the thousands in our community who, if they only  knew some simple basics about how to take care of their neck and back, would save themselves countless hours of lost time from work, not to mention the needless pain and suffering. We offer two options:

1)  Your employees can sign up to attend an onsite powerful interactive workshop on various health and wellness workshops that can range anywhere from 30 to an hour. We simply need a room large enough to seat the number of employees attending.
2)  We can set up a booth in a common walk or break area where employees can have a brief 2-3 minute posture check and have an opportunity to ask questions. Each participant receives a detailed handout loaded with helpful tips on spinal health for home and work.

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