Chiropractic as a Lifestyle Choice

“If I had known I would live this long, I would’ve taken better care of myself.”

Being old, sick, weak, and broken — this is one of the most surprising things that ever happens to us, yet nearly 80% of it is self-inflicted and preventable. The saddest thing, the insurmountable obstacle in our culture is that people can’t believe in anything bigger than some shallow pain relief model of living. Because of this, they miss out on one of the single greatest payoffs of chiropractic as a regular discipline and lifestyle choice: aging slowly and gracefully. Your next year can be better, and the next better still, instead of slower and stiffer or fatter and weaker.

Unmaintained spines and joints hurt when they are wearing out, aging prematurely, and failing. Compare your spine to the axle of a car. Bent axles suck. They’re no fun to drive on, wear out quickly, then fly apart and wreck the whole car. This applies to your spine as well.

Straighten. Rebuild. Maintain.

It’s a simple model for cars and machinery that many people understand easily. So why is it so difficult to grasp and apply to the one body that we have?

This concept has saved my life. Instead of being dead, crippled, or disabled, I had one of the best years physically, and it’s just one more in a long string of good years. This was achieved just by following a few simple rules and chiropractic for a long time, 32 of 52 years to be exact. The main difference between me and the people who come to me looking for help: I’ve just been following the rules longer.

We don’t break the rules; the rules break us.

As I mentioned, many people in our culture only seek help, whether that be drugs, surgery, or chiropractic, for pain relief. They try to fix things after a problem has occurred. While chiropractic is beneficial in those cases, it can be a lifestyle choice for preventative measure as well.

Exercise is no substitute. Why do 9 out of 10 world-class athletes in the Western world get regular adjustments? Nutrition is critically important, but it doesn’t align bones. Stretching and mental discipline is of huge benefit, but I still work on many yoga and Pilates instructors. These are all spokes on the wheel, and missing spokes make the wheel wobble. The spine and nervous system are axle and hub, and without them, there is no wheel.

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